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    REL: “As-Is” and Due Diligence

    By Samantha Disharoon | June 8, 2022

    Real Estate Lingo: “As-Is” and Due Diligence So you’ve found a house that looks like The One, but your Realtor informs you that this is an “as-is” purchase, so you should think carefully if it’s really for you. What does that mean? The answer is: it’s complicated! And it depends on the seller. But it’s... Read More

    REL: Escrow and Earnest Money

    By Samantha Disharoon | May 10, 2022

    Real Estate Lingo: Escrow & Earnest Money When you sit down to write an offer on a home, one of the first things you’re going to talk about with your realtor is something called “earnest money”, which will be deposited into an “escrow account”. Your realtor will ask you to pull out your checkbook, and–wait,... Read More

    Earth Day 2022

    By Samantha Disharoon | April 22, 2022

    Happy Earth Day! Today, 22 April, is Earth Day! First marked in 1970 as the birth of the modern environmental movement, Earth Day is a day we remember the importance of our natural world. Through curating sustainable living practices and working to restore damaged ecosystems, we make sure that our Earth is as green and... Read More

    Appliance Recycling for Dominion Customers

    By Samantha Disharoon | April 14, 2022

    Appliance Recycling for Dominion Customers! Spectacular news if you’re like me and looking to cut things out of your life, Columbia! Dominion Energy has a program where they’ll take your old appliances (e.g. a secondary fridge/freezer, etc) and give YOU cash MONEY back for it. They even come and pick it up, which saves me... Read More

    Featured Listing: 9194 Windsor Lake

    By Samantha Disharoon | June 6, 2019

    So, quick sidebar. I live on the water, and let me tell you, it is awesome. I have two dachshunds, both of whom are hydrophobic (awesome), and a labrador retriever who for some bizarre reason does not like to swim (double awesome). This means I get to enjoy the fruits of having a partially-fenced backyard without worrying oh... Read More

    No Post This Week!

    By Samantha Disharoon | May 30, 2019

    Hello everyone! Just dropping in quickly to let everyone know that there won’t be an in-depth post this week due to our client appreciation event taking place on Saturday! It’s a special shindig we put on for past clients as a thank you for their business and continued support. This year, just like always, it’s... Read More

    Featured Listing: 830 Centennial

    By Samantha Disharoon | May 23, 2019

    Back in the saddle and summer real estate is HERE! If you’re like me, and, like, any normal person, you think Lake Carolina is really cool. Not only is it really pretty, but it has bike paths, pretty neighborhoods, gorgeous homes, and it’s in a super awesome location convenient to a bunch of shopping and both... Read More

    Plugs Galore!

    By Samantha Disharoon | May 16, 2019

    Happy belated Mother’s Day, and happy Thursday to everyone who doesn’t celebrate Mother’s Day! For those who want to be jealous of how cool my mom is, reminder that I sat down with her on my podcast Sell Soda City! a few weeks ago to talk gardens. You can check that episode out here, and meanwhile... Read More

    Featured Listing: 424 Old Course

    By Samantha Disharoon | May 9, 2019

    Blythewood is a ridiculously hot market. It feels like pretty much anyone moving anywhere in the Northeast is trying to get over in that area, and this listing in the gated community of Windermere is a pretty good example of why. First impressions are pretty important, and boy does this home make a great one. It’s... Read More

    Featured Listing: 204 Ridge Trail

    By Samantha Disharoon | May 2, 2019

    So we’ve got THREE new listings this week, making it quite a difficult choice in deciding which one I was going to feature for the blog. I settled on this one in the Summit, primarily because it was the first of the three and thus I already have the professional pictures for it, but also... Read More