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Appliance Recycling for Dominion Customers

Appliance Recycling for Dominion Customers!

screenshot of dominion's website showing the appliance recycling rebate program

Spectacular news if you’re like me and looking to cut things out of your life, Columbia!

Dominion Energy has a program where they’ll take your old appliances (e.g. a secondary fridge/freezer, etc) and give YOU cash MONEY back for it. They even come and pick it up, which saves me the hassle of bothering my brother to borrow his in-law’s pickup truck!

I learned that they’re running a special right now where instead of $50 rebate, you can get $75 for up to two appliances if you schedule the pickup before April 30, for a total of $150. I’ve got a second fridge I’ve been thinking about shedding, and let me tell you, paying me to get rid of it has nipped the procrastination bug right in the bum on this one!

The program started in an attempt to get older, less energy-efficient appliances off the grid as part of a partnership with EPA’s Responsibility Appliance Disposal Program (RAD). RAD indeed! It’s spectacular, helping greenify our grid AND making your energy bills cheaper! Not only because you, y’know, have one less appliance running, but also because if you decide to replace it, modern technology is a heck of a lot more efficient (and only gets moreso every year!). This means a newer fridge will actually be cheaper for you to run. And nicer. And cleaner.

The only catch is that the appliance has to work. For fridges, just as an example, they specify that the compresser has to hum and it has to cool. So no getting money for junk. Boo! Second catch is that it’s only for Dominion Energy customers, and it’s for full-sized units only.

If this sounds as good to you as it does to me, go here to find out how to schedule your pickup today. You’ll have at least one person in line ahead of you–goodbye, old garage fridge!

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Samantha Disharoon

Samantha Disharoon is a listing specialist and broker manager at Disharoon Homes in Columbia, SC.

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