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Earth Day 2022

Happy Earth Day!

Today, 22 April, is Earth Day!

First marked in 1970 as the birth of the modern environmental movement, Earth Day is a day we remember the importance of our natural world. Through curating sustainable living practices and working to restore damaged ecosystems, we make sure that our Earth is as green and beautiful as we found her.

Today’s Google Doodle for Earth Day showing the effects of climate change

So what does this have to do with us in real estate? A lot, actually!

Many builders are now focusing on making their homes constructed in as environmentally-friendly a manner as possible, making homes more energy efficient and reducing the impact of the home on the surrounding land. By supporting these practices, both as consumers and real estate professionals, we can incentivize even more such policies to grow in the future.

As for what you can do as an individual, the key thing is to remember that one person’s impacts are limited but important. Recycling everything you can is a great first start. Drive as fuel-efficient a car as you can, and consider an electric or hybrid. Join your local trash pickup group. Check your house for water drips, gas leaks, and upgrade your windows. Don’t litter. And take a walk around your local park, just to enjoy the trees and air that we’re working to protect for ourselves and the next generations to enjoy the same way we can.

(Wow, you say. These things sure sound like ways I’m saving money on reducing the cost of my energy, utilities, and gas. And Yes!! That’s the best part! Being more conscious to the environment SAVES you money!)

If you want to learn more, the official Earth Day website here has a lot of great articles on it about current events, things you can do to celebrate, and up-to-date scientific information about the current state of our planet. Go check it out, and happy Earth Day, everyone!

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Samantha Disharoon

Samantha Disharoon is a listing specialist and broker manager at Disharoon Homes in Columbia, SC.

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