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Featured Listing: 4103 Devine Street

Happy Thursday! Springtime in Columbia is always a crazy time for the real estate market — which is great news if you’re looking to buy or sell! More homes come onto the market, making it great for buyers, and more buyers are looking to buy, making it great for sellers. As a result, you can expect a TON of new listings coming from us in the next few weeks — but they won’t last long!

condo for sale in Columbia South Carolina
As a lover of aesthetic trees, this walkup is 100% my brand

First up, our featured listing for today is a super cute condo downtown on Devine Street. It’s literally within walking distance of a grocery store, which is my absolute dream after having experienced that kind of lifestyle living in Germany. Get yourself a bike basket and you’ll never have to drive to get your groceries again, unless you just absolutely want to.

Anyway, this beauty has been remodeled top down and has hardwood floors, fresh paint, and tons of natural light. The owner suite has custom Ikea clothes cabinets, which are not only super cool looking but also just practical as all get out. The kitchen is all stainless appliances and mixes white painted cabinetry with black formica, making for a super elegant look.

Outside of the condo, if the condo itself wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, the HOA has a pool and you get reserved parking to go with your building, so no worrying about where you’re gonna put that sweet ride of yours unlike a bunch of other in-town Condo living.

kitchen interior of condo for sale in Columbia South Carolina
The black, white, and silver mix should Not look this good, yet here we are

If this sounds super awesome, go to our website here and check out some pictures and see how you can get in contact with us to get inside. There’s also other listings there, so if you’re just getting started, now’s the time to get looking!

Remember — we’re going to be getting a ton of listings, so make sure you check back so you don’t miss a single one! Columbia’s on the verge of becoming a seller’s market (post coming soon to talk about what that means?), so when you see a house you want, you need to make an offer RIGHT AWAY!

Eyes peeled, everyone!

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Samantha Disharoon

Samantha Disharoon is a listing specialist and broker manager at Disharoon Homes in Columbia, SC.

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