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subtle plug is subtle

Happy belated Mother’s Day, and happy Thursday to everyone who doesn’t celebrate Mother’s Day! For those who want to be jealous of how cool my mom is, reminder that I sat down with her on my podcast Sell Soda City! a few weeks ago to talk gardens. You can check that episode out here, and meanwhile on the subject, can we talk about how my tomatoes are getting taller than I am?!  

While we’re on the subject of the pod, reminder that there won’t be an episode next week due to the fact that I am currently drowning in the planning for our client appreciation event on June 1. It’ll be back on schedule come then, however, so make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already! You can find it in the iTunes app or Spotify, as well as here on the dedicated website for it.

I always wanted to be a published author someday, tear, tear.

I was feeling like doing something a little different from the typical featured listing this week, so I decided I’d like to plug this cool book I wrote instead. It’s our pre-listing book, called Selling Your Home. As y’all know, I specialize both in marketing and in listings, though in a lot of ways, those two are the exact same thing. Selling your home is all about making it look as good as it can for the work you’re willing to put into it, then getting that snapshot of your home to the right buyer. It sounds pretty easy, but it’s actually quite difficult! That’s one of the main reasons why Realtors are so, so important.

(While I’m obsessively plugging my podcast, I have an episode on Sell Soda City! talking about the basics of selling your home here, wink.)

Naturally, I think the way we sell homes is the best way. We’re organized a bit differently from the ~traditional~ real estate model, mostly because we came to the realization that people tend to be good at some things and really good at other things. Our company takes the people who have things they’re really good at and puts them in charge of doing that thing. So our buyer agents are really good at helping people find a home to purchase, our listing agents are really good at helping people sell their home, and our closing department is really good at making sure all of our contracts are executed properly.

Anyway, I wanted to share this book with y’all. It’s free, of course, so you can check it out here. It talks about our process, shows the numbers that prove how much our process actually WORKS, and has some general tips about why we do the things we do the way we do them, and how you can get a little more money when you sell your home. So take a look, and if you have any questions, you know where to find us!

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Samantha Disharoon

Samantha Disharoon is a listing specialist and broker manager at Disharoon Homes in Columbia, SC.

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