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Real Estate Myths BUSTED

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I was poking around the internet recently, as us millennials are wont to do, and I stumbled across this article talking about real estate myths that, as a Realtor, our clients probably believe. My first thought was something along the lines of of COURSE our clients don’t have ANY misconceptions — real estate is the MOST logical business there is! but as I got to reading the article, I realized that yeah, some of these could definitely be things people don’t know because as Realtors, they’re things we don’t really talk about.

Now while I could go point by point and debunk these real estate myths, I know that’s really pointless considering the article is right there. Bonus points, it does a pretty good job on most of them. There were a few, however, that I specifically wanted to talk about, mostly because I thought they deserved more than just a lol nope approach or because they’re things I’m oddly passionate about for one reason or another (see: dunking on Zillow).

As a listing specialist, #2 “Your Agent Keeps All Of The Commission” is one that I actually debunk myself a good bit, so I wasn’t

irl Realtor showing me how she almost ran out of gas because she never pays attention to her gas gauge, whoops

too surprised to see this one on the list. In South Carolina, the seller pays the commission for both the buying and selling side of the deal — which seems like a raw deal, until you remember that the seller of the house they’re buying is paying for the commission of their Realtor on their buying side. So when we discuss that part of the equation, I always make sure people understand that we actually get half of it, while the selling side gets the other half.


This ties in directly with #4 “An Agents Gas, Mileage, and Other Transportation Costs Are Reimbursed” and #5 “Marketing Expenses Aren’t An Agent’s Responsibility”. At Disharoon Homes, we really market our listings — it’s a particular point of pride for me, personally, since marketing is something I love to do. But it’s not free. It comes right out of my pocketbook. Before there’s a closing, before we get paid, we have to pay for the photographer, the Facebook ads, the Google ads, the postcards, the mailers, the pamphlets that go into the homes, the — you get the idea. Agents pay for their own gas when showing and previewing homes, too.



Our other website is pretty and equally good at having the best info for buying or selling your home, but it doesn’t have my witty blogging commentary so what is the point

The last one I really loved having gotten the lol nope treatment was, of course, the Zillow one. While it’s not a terrible site by any means and it has gotten much much better over the years, the ~Zestimate~ is the worst estimated value of a home on the planet, agents often don’t get credit for the marketing that they have unless they pay extra to Zillow’s corporate pocketbook which ew, and we have have no fewer than four calls from people wanting to buy homes listed for sale on their website that literally didn’t exist.

There are much, much better alternatives out there — is a great one, and, naturally, the BEST one ever is JUST SAYING. But if that one isn’t to your liking for one reason or another, we also have an alternative site that’s aesthetically a bit different with the same MLS-accurate info here.

In any case, give that article a read for sure. It has tons of good information in it, and of course, if you ever have a question about how something in the industry works, just ask a Realtor. Or me, if I’m the only one you know, wink emoji. This really is an awesome career to have, and while there are a lot of things that are kind of confusing, we’re all more than happy to talk about it. In the meantime, we’ll have to keep crawling the internet to find articles like this to make sure we stop and go huh maybe I SHOULD think about things from the other side every once in a while!

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Samantha Disharoon

Samantha Disharoon is a listing specialist and broker manager at Disharoon Homes in Columbia, SC.

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